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Don’t Do It Alone—We Can Help

Putting off financial planning is never a good idea. Doing it yourself takes time away from your job and family, and could mean that the job doesn’t get done properly.

At NFI, we have over 60 years of collective experience in creating financial plans and managing investments. You can come to us for sound personalized advice on how you can live the life you dream about by achieving your financial goals.

Planning your financial future begins with a series of meetings:

  1. Getting to know you. Your hopes and ambitions, personal beliefs and values are as important to us as your assets. That’s why we take the time to get to know you well.
  2. Answering your follow-up questions and gathering information.
  3. Making recommendations. We design a sensible asset allocation strategy and select investments that are aligned with your goals and needs and meet our strict criteria.
  4. Implementation and paperwork

We actively monitor your plan, making adjustments as we go, and will additionally meet with you as necessary. We make a point of contacting you to keep in touch and stay on top of developments in your life that can affect your financial health.

Our services focus on planning for three of your most vital financial needs: RETIREMENT PLANNING, ESTATE PLANNING and EDUCATION PLANNING. You can read about these services in greater depth in the pages that follow.

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    Amid Mixed Signals, A Thought For Investors At Thanksgiving


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