Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Putting Your House In Order

Planning your estate is a natural extension of planning your retirement. There are several legal documents that are essential to estate planning, and we make sure you have them:

  1. Wills
  2. Living wills
  3. Powers of attorney

Using these documents as our guideposts, we work with you to design an estate plan and see to it that your assets are allocated to maximize its effectiveness. Reducing your estate’s tax burden is a priority.

A good estate plan should be flexible and adaptive. Your plan is reviewed on a regular basis to take into account changes in your life, economic conditions and estate tax laws.

Since how you manage your assets today can have a direct impact on your future beneficiaries, we analyze your situation to see how it could potentially be affected by circumstances such as the ongoing care of a relative.

Your estate plan must include significant input from your attorney, tax advisor and insurance provider. We work closely with them to build and maintain a plan that addresses your needs and circumstances. And if you’re looking for new representation in any of these areas, we have longstanding associations with trusted professionals who share our core belief in personal relationships and individualized service.

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