Investment Management

Investment Management: The Engine That Drives Your Plan

Investment management is how your plan moves from paper to reality. It’s the engine that drives your plan forward.

We take a hands-on approach. Using a combination of in-house and independent third-party analysis, we design a sensible asset allocation strategy and then select investments that both meet our strict criteria and are aligned with your goals and needs. Your strategy maintains a steady course because we monitor both the broad markets and your individual holdings on an ongoing basis.

Risk in your portfolio is kept in check in two key ways: diversification and a focus on high quality. Our research indicates that diversified portfolios of high-quality investments should provide you with the right balance of return and risk over the long term.

Your portfolio is built on a foundation of mutual funds. You gain several compelling advantages from our relationships with major fund custodians like Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab:

  1. You have access to a vast array of funds from a wide variety of fund families.
  2. This bigger universe of available funds greatly enhances our ability to customize your portfolio.
  3. You can invest in the funds without paying transaction costs.

The funds in your portfolio are those we consider “the best of the best.” Starting with the top-rated funds in different categories of stocks and bonds, we narrow down the possibilities by looking at a range of factors such as long-term performance, stability of management team, risk exposure and number of individual holdings. Your portfolio includes only the survivors of this rigorous selection process—the best of the best.

Investing can be a big puzzle, but we’ll help you fit all the pieces together. Your investments should stay on track and headed in the right direction because we emphasize hands-on management, diversification, quality and building portfolios for the long term.

  • With Bank Failures Complicating An Anomaly-Filled Post-Pandemic Recovery, Here's Help

    With Bank Failures Complicating An Anomaly-Filled Post-Pandemic Recovery, Here's Help


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