Retirement Planning: Building Your Future Today

Achieving the kind of retirement you want doesn’t happen by itself—you have to plan for it. Having a solid, carefully thought-out retirement plan created and implemented by our experienced professionals can make your retirement dreams come true.

At NFI, we craft your plan by thinking of it in three phases.

  1. The accumulation phase emphasizes growth of assets, so that you build up the savings that will make your chosen retirement possible.
  2. In the spending phase, you use income and principal from your accumulated assets to fund your retirement lifestyle.
  3. The spending phase eventually yields to the preservation phase, where a more conservative balance of growth and income enables you to maintain your lifestyle while preserving capital for future beneficiaries.

You determine how we design your plan, because it’s based on what “retirement” actually means for you. Maybe it’s traveling the world, settling down in a new location, spending more time with your family, starting a new business, or doing as little as possible. Or all of these.

So for us, retirement planning boils down to a couple of simple questions: How do you define retirement, and how much will you need to meet that definition? While these questions might seem elementary, their answers can be complicated by life’s challenges—things like caring for a special-needs child or an elderly parent, losing your spouse, etc. It’s our job to help you plan for the what-ifs.

Every successful retirement investment strategy depends on three things: goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. We take the time to understand what each of these means to you and then work with you to design a retirement plan that fits you just right.


  • With Bank Failures Complicating An Anomaly-Filled Post-Pandemic Recovery, Here's Help

    With Bank Failures Complicating An Anomaly-Filled Post-Pandemic Recovery, Here's Help


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